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AI-driven Based on private enterprise data Recruiting Digital Employees

1. Use enterprise data to create an exclusive large model.

2. Technical finished products are reduced and efficiency is improved.

3. Embedded everywhere.

Magic Voice Outbound Calling System

1. intelligent telephone content analysis: magic voice outbound system not only listens to the headhunter's telephone exchanges, but also uses AI's powerful voice recognition technology to quickly analyze the content of the phone.

2. Real-time speech correction: The system will always monitor the telephone conversation, automatically detecting and correcting errors or improper language in the speech, to ensure professional and courteous communication.

3. Industry hackneyed language analysis: For candidates to use industry-specific terminology and hackneyed language, the magic voice outbound system can generate tips to make communication more fluent and focus on key information.

4. customized interview question generation: for different job requirements, the system can automatically generate interview questions to ensure that the headhunters and candidates for targeted interview preparation.

Good jobs, free of charge

1. the integration of human resources: Bay Human Resources small program has the function of integrating the second and third degree of human resources of employees. Employees can utilize the relationship network they have accumulated on social media to introduce potential candidates to the company.

2. Expanding resume sources: The rapid proliferation of the Bay Human Resources applet and the integration of the employee relations network enable companies to obtain a wider range of high-quality resume resources.

3. Enhance the recruitment efficiency and success rate: through the Bay Manpower small program, companies can more effectively find suitable candidates, thus enhancing the recruitment efficiency and success rate.

Recruitment data analysis

1. Recruitment overview: the overall grasp of the recruitment progress, the degree of completion of the recruitment at a glance, conducive to overall evaluation

2. Data Cycle: Comparison of data in different periods helps to compare, evaluate and optimize the work in stages.

3. data penetration: the use of enterprise data to create an exclusive large model, technical finished products to reduce and improve efficiency

4. Diversified data acquisition: "fixed reports" plus "customized reports" to meet different business data needs

AI-assisted efficiency

1. Personalized recommendation letter generation: using AI technology to automatically generate highly personalized recommendation letters based on candidates' resumes and talent profiles.

2. AI-driven: based on the enterprise private data to create recruitment of digital employees.

3.Job Match Evaluation: Using AI technology, we analyze the candidate's resume and evaluate its match with a specific job.

4. Advantage enhancement: Through AI-generated personalized recommendation letters, candidates can demonstrate their strengths and professionalism in the job search process, leaving a deep impression on HR.

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Focus on the user experience for each role

Discovery of the Bay manpower

With a commitment to excellence, continuous learning, evolution and integrity, we are dedicated to the protection and sustainable growth of your business.

The core functionality of Bay Staffing System is collaboration and empowerment, designed to improve delivery efficiency in order to help executive search firms multiply their recruitment productivity and enhance the individual output performance of each employee.

Efficient Resume Screening

Talent portrait to assist resume quality analysis, AI job matching analysis scoring

Data analytics and insights

Insights into market trends, competitors, candidate flows, etc.

Trust Bay Staffing and I will be wholeheartedly committed to meeting your career needs and solving the challenges you may face at work in order to help you achieve greater professional development and personal growth.

Intelligent Algorithms Match Skills to Suitable Jobs

Customized Tailor-made Ideal Jobs

Professional headhunting team provides comprehensive services

Small programs to quickly proliferate connections

BayManpower provides customers with information security in line with international standards, and has maintained the highest level of data security system in the industry for several consecutive years, and is committed to becoming the information security industry benchmark among recruitment management system providers.
Comprehensive and Tight Information Security

ISO27001 Information Security Management System Certification.

Passed "ISO90001 Quality Management System Certification".

Strong technical capabilities to effectively avoid security vulnerabilities and attacks

Financial-grade encryption to protect server data storage and transmission

Information security committee with real-time control and regular inspections

Complete internal and external privilege control to eliminate unauthorized access

Security audit logs to ensure traceability of data flow

Disaster Preparedness Emergency Response Program and Standard Operating SOPs

Regular information security training and performance appraisals for key positions

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