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The core functionality of Bay Staffing System is collaboration and empowerment, designed to improve delivery efficiency in order to help executive search firms multiply their recruitment productivity and enhance the individual output performance of each employee.

Asset management

The system records all entry information and behavioral data


Business Efficiency through AI Synergy and Empowerment

Data Insight

Multi-dimensional data analysis, comprehensive insight into enterprise business data

Performance forecasts

Cash flow forecasting by performance management

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Our Mission

Our commitment to customer satisfaction, our strong focus on relationships and our dedication to quality are the cornerstones of our continued success.

Talent portrait assists headhunters to analyze the quality of resumes and screen out more advanced resumes.AI job-matching analysis and scoring, giving you the most accurate candidates.

Provide automated recruitment process management tools to help headhunters optimize the recruitment process and reduce tedious and repetitive operations.

Support data integration and sharing with other commonly used recruiting platforms or social media to expand the reach of candidate resources.

Provides insights on market trends, competitors, candidate flows and more to help headhunters better understand industry dynamics.

Efficient power for your business

Why choose BayManpower

Trust me to address your core pain points to help you achieve excellence in human resource management and recruitment effectiveness.

System messages are available at the touch of a button, bringing superior efficiency gains to teams, ensuring a seamless flow of information and more efficient collaboration.

With intelligent resume parsing, it realizes one-click talent pool import, fine candidate screening, and one-click start process.

The Learning Campus makes it a one-stop shop for novices to grow into recruitment experts, and the advanced and empowering management concepts make it possible for users with no prior experience to do well in recruitment performance management.

The Magic Voice Outbound Calling System leads the way in superior recruiting efficiency, enabling headhunters to achieve higher work output and significant productivity gains in the telephone recruiting process.

Immediate productivity in just a few simple steps

Our Process

We can help you select the best talent for your organization.

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