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Inbound Promotion + Headhunter Open Source + AI Enablement

The Bay Manpower applet improves efficiency and saves costs through inbound marketing. Based on each person's social network and using job distribution, each participant earns a commission on the resume delivery process. Headhunters can take this opportunity to expand their business and earn commission by pushing candidates as well. At the same time, our AI bots help recruiting novices get up to speed quickly, making the recruitment process more efficient. To summarize, 1+1+1>111 makes recruitment warmer, more efficient and more attractive.

Turn even a recruiting novice into an expert

The BeHR system not only provides a learning park, but also combines AI robots to help Bai understand the telephone communication techniques of job seekers. Through the connection between Bay Manpower and WeChat, Bai can easily contact headhunting consultants to get professional support and master telephone communication skills. Detailed job information allows them to understand the position better, while our headhunting team supports them throughout the process, making recruitment easy and professional."

Temperate AI powers the entire recruitment process

BayManpower system provides all-round support for IT job seekers. It is a one-stop full-process tracking from resume push, interview invitation, offer issuance to onboarding. At the same time, candidates are onboarded and resume recommenders can transparently view commissions, adding temperature and transparency to the recruitment process."

Enabling enterprises to realize intelligent talent recruitment

1. Intelligent Recruitment: BayManpower system utilizes artificial intelligence technology to intelligently match candidates with job requirements, improve recruitment screening efficiency, and greatly shorten the recruitment cycle.

2. Connection with Enterprise WeChat and Nail: The system is closely connected with Enterprise WeChat, which realizes multiple functions such as instant communication, interview scheduling, candidate tracking, etc., and improves the synergy of the recruitment process.

3. Faster, more accurate results: The system's intelligent features and automated processes help companies attract, recruit and retain talented people faster and more accurately.

Outsourced to Bay Staffing Recruitment Team

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You don't have to do it. It's all around you.

Shortage of recruiting manpower in the HR department of an organization is a chronic problem. The recruitment cycle for technical positions is long, the technology stack is diverse and complex, and talent Mapping is inefficient. Technical recruitment is looking for Bay Human Resources. BeHR is an AI-enabled and integrated recruitment solution provider, providing enterprises with all-round recruitment support. We not only provide efficient recruitment process services for enterprises, but also find excellent senior talents (CIO, CTO, architect, algorithm, DBA and other core positions) for enterprises. This all-in-one service means that organizations can save time and effort, reduce recruitment costs, improve efficiency, and access high-quality talent to accelerate business growth.

Technical Recruitment Difficulties, Call Bay Staffing

We are headhunter/RPO firm specializing in finding high quality IT tech jobs. Whether it is traditional IT technology, technology positions in game companies, chip companies, IoT companies, etc., technology positions in manufacturing companies, technology positions in banks, etc., our professional team can provide you with efficient recruitment solutions. Especially in the field of game positions, we have accumulated rich experience. If you are in need of technical talents, you may want to consider looking for BayHR and let us find the most suitable talents for you.

Sign an agreement to recommend a candidate in as little as 24 hours

With Bay Staffing Partners, you'll have quick access to high-quality candidate referrals. We execute our recruitment programs in an efficient manner, ensuring that the best match is introduced to you within just 24 hours of signing an agreement, helping you to meet your talent needs quickly.

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