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Seahorse, a professional IT internet headhunter with 5 years of headhunting experience, has successfully returned 300W+ to companies, is proficient in talent acquisition, and brings excellent candidates to your business."

Senior Executive Search Consultant


Haiyan, senior chip industry headhunting consultant, with 6 years + experience, familiar with the industry bigwigs, every year for the chip giants to deliver outstanding talent, annual return of million +. Chip field experts, your recruitment tool!

Senior Executive Search Consultant
sea salt

Haiyan, senior financial industry executive search consultant, for many years each year successfully led the team to complete the company's goals, outstanding personal performance, team members also outstanding performance, the annual team back to 400W +, for the company's successful development of spare no effort.

Head of Operations


Seagull, headhunter business director, BD expert, specializing in game industry headhunting, successful cooperation with 20+ companies every year, back to 200W+, help game industry recruitment success.

Senior Executive Search Consultant


Sponge, senior gaming executive search consultant, 100W+ return per year, team leader, repeatedly achieving business goals and highly rated by clients. Bringing superior recruitment solutions to the gaming industry

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