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While competing systems tend to be more expensive to service, the BayManpower system is free for the first time and more than 60% cheaper than competing systems for subsequent use.

Use data reports to show the performance of recruiters in the form of a hero list to solve the problem of unmotivated recruiters. This open and transparent incentive mechanism can stimulate the enthusiasm and initiative of team members and improve the overall effectiveness.

Despite the availability of large talent databases, they may contain outdated or inaccurate information. This can lead to wasted time and resources. Bay Human Resources independently detects person-job matching, talent profiling candidate analysis advantages, candidate risk, and eliminates outdated or inaccurate information through resume activity comparison, AI-enabled autonomy.

  • Extensive Talent Database: Relying on the Six Degrees of Human Connection Theory, BayManpower has a huge talent database, which contains information on candidates from all walks of life, which enables them to quickly find the right candidate.
  • Powerful Screening and Matching Functions: Headhunting software usually has advanced algorithms and intelligent search functions, which can quickly screen the most matching candidates according to employers' needs.
  • AI Data Analytics: Use AI for job matching to let you know the job match of your candidates, and use AI to send daily motivational messages for your employees.
  • AI-enabled: using AI smart technology, we can automatically recognize, score and correct recruiter's words. By analyzing large amounts of data, the system evaluates conversations and provides instant corrections and recommendations. This cutting-edge tool will enhance recruiting team performance and enable a refined, data-driven recruiting process. It will help specialists to better interact and reach consensus with candidates.
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