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We understand the IT industry (8 years) and your needs (short and quick solutions to recruitment problems), so we can provide you with efficient and intelligent recruitment tools (recruitment solutions).

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capitalize on one's connections
Workplace connections cash in to earn commissions, if you're good enough. Our platform information, information + contacts = money, no threshold to earn commission.
Technical Match
Accurately match job seekers with the right jobs based on their skills, experience and interests. By using smart algorithms and keyword matching, job opportunities can be better screened to match the skills of job seekers.
Intelligent Recommendations
Intelligently recommend relevant jobs based on a job seeker's historical application history, profile and interests. Helps job seekers quickly find jobs that match their needs and backgrounds, and improves matching.
Technical interview support
It is important to provide technical interview support specific to the IT industry. Provide 1V1 optimized resume interview coaching to help candidates adjust for interviews more effectively.
Personalized advice and guidance
Provide personalized advice and guidance based on the job seeker's profile. This includes resume optimization advice, interviewing tips, and self-marketing strategies to help stand out in the competitive IT industry.
Industry-specific information and resources
We can provide IT industry related information, career development guidance and training resources to help job seekers understand the industry dynamics, enhance their own capabilities and make good career planning.

Cash in on your contacts and earn commissions immediately

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Trust Bay Staffing and I will be wholeheartedly committed to meeting your career needs and solving the challenges you may face at work in order to help you achieve greater professional development and personal growth.

The system automatically matches your skills, experience and interests with suitable positions through intelligent algorithms, saving you time and effort.

With the help of our large resume database, we showcase jobs from several top companies to customize the ideal job tailored to your needs, making it easy for you to submit your resume at any time and be contacted immediately by our headhunting team.

Professional headhunting team to provide comprehensive services, personalized resume improvement, superb interview coaching, in-depth insight into the background of the company's delivery of information, as well as revealing the company's benefits and treatment, to help you get twice the result with half the effort.

The rapid proliferation of mini-programs and the integration of a network of contacts allows for a wider range of quality resume resources to be submitted and improves recruitment efficiency and success rates.

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